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10 Important things to determine which company is a suitable tank storage company

Are you considering outsourcing the storage and handling of liquid chemicals? Here are 10 things you should look out for when you assess tank storage companies.

By outsourcing the storage and handling of chemicals to a tank storage company, you will lower the risk level of your own facility. It also helps avoiding the expensive investments one has to make to uphold the safety and security of a facility. However, offers provided by companies willing to take over your responsibility should be scrutinized carefully. The answers to the following 10 questions should be part of your decision-making process.

  1. Does the storage company have all the necessary permits?
  2. Consider the accessibility of the tank storage company: are they accessible by road, rail and / or water?
  3. What is the knowledge level of their staff about the rules relating to safety, the environment and how the material should be handled?
  4. What measures have been taken to minimize the likelihood or impact of disasters?
  5. What does the judge inspections, interest groups and governments say or think about this company?
  6. What does their emergency plan look like?
  7. How flexible is this storage with regard to storage capacity, reaction speed and / or carrying out adjustments in the interest of your product or your organization?
  8. What additional services does this tank storage company provide that can support your activities?
  9. How and where do they differ from the things which we consider as a core value for your company?

10. How is the company positioned in terms of environmental safety?

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