Jan 03

5 Reasons to continue dealing with Tank storage Verbeke in 2017

We wish you all the best for 2017! Tank Storage Verbeke will start the New Year in good spirits. We have many plans for new activities and services that will be even better to assist our clients. These are the promises we make for 2017.

  1. We will continue striving to assist our clients as good and in as many areas as possible.
  2. We will continue expanding our services and support. The investment in a new, automated access is only a first step. Later this year we will also add new tanks to our facility.
  3. Increasing our services will not be at the expense of our safety and responsibility to the environment.
  4. In 2017 we will once again raise the bar for quality, reliability, service and affordability for the industry.
  5. We will continue to facilitate the petro-chemical industry in Flanders and beyond.

We invite you to check on us from time to time to establish whether we still pursue and meet our promises for the New Year.

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