Oct 27

A fantastic evening with a beautiful goal

Everybody knows about someone who sometimes deserves a boost. Dear people who do not always have the happiness on their part and therefore financially often have the necessary challenges.

Fortunately, there are organizations that are committed to helping these disadvantaged people. Spouses are such an organization. Housewives join locally to help disadvantaged families in Hemiksem. At Hemiksem there are currently 80 families who can use this help. To meet the basic needs, therefore, companions collected food and clothing, which is then divided twice a week between these families.

We found this such a nice goal that we decided to contribute our celebration on Friday, October 20th, for the purpose of opening our new tanker park. Together with GWS, we were the first two companies that sponsored € 1,000.00 each. As soon followed the company Olichart nv.

Mr. Leendert Muller of the company Multraship from Zeeland has challenged the other companies during the evening to sponsor € 1,000.00. Multraship itself would also sponsor € 1,000.00 provided that there are at least 5 companies involved. Of course this has led to great success!

The following companies have just taken this challenge and have received € 10,000.00 extra for this wonderful goal:

MAC2-                     Karl Sandra

Kets Expertise Bureau – Jean-Marc – Kets

Trafuco –                  Marc Van Den Broeck

Laxmi –                     Janet en Anneke

Ecotank –                 John Warbout

Ivens –                      Jeroen De Bauw

Agidence –              Arnaud De Hoedt

Agaat Bunkering Nv – Robert Van der Meirsche

FG Chemicals          Dr. Suleiman W.

_DSC5931 copy

We are, of course, very proud that we have reached this great result, although food, clothing and money are always welcome.


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