Feb 02

First step to install automated access system

Tank Storage Verbeke has made the first step the install a new computerized access system. Once completed tankers will be processed faster and safer at the facility of Tank Storage Verbeke.

Thanks to the new system trucks arriving use their own reference to log on automatically. They will do so at the gate of the terminal of Tank Storage Verbeke. Only trucks with their unique access code will be allowed to access our facility.

The vehicle will be weighed both before and after loading. This data is automatically processed in our data system. Once the truck is fully loaded or offloaded, all necessary documentation will be handed over upon departure.

The automation project aims to speed up the data capturing and loading of trucks will be done faster. In the future, the driver will be able to report themselves from the comfort of their cabin from where they will be directed to the correct terminal automatically.

Apart from the vehicles access, pedestrian access will also be optimized. Safety is the key at Tank storage Verbeke and unauthorized access doesn’t serve anybody.

The weather will determine the coming weeks how quick we will be able to install the new access system. With some luck we can do so before the end of the month already.

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