Jan 11

Heated storage at Tank storage Verbeke

When the mercury for the outside temperature drops, the temperature inside the tanks of Tank Storage Verbeke will be adjusted automatically. Tank Storage Verbeke does not only heat its offices, but also the products of our customers.

Customers whose products are sensitive to temperature changes can safely store their liquids at Tank Storage Verbeke. Several of our tanks allow us to control the temperature in order to keep the petro- chemical liquid content in optimum condition.

The heated tanks at Tank Storage Verbeke are completely isolated. We recently made an additional investment by insulating the roof of the tank in order to optimize returns.

Heat rises and will ultimately gather in the top of the tank. Although the surface of the roof may be relatively small, a non-insulated roof can result in heat loss, forcing the system to add more heat. That means a loss to the stored liquid, a loss to the purse and a loss to the environment.

“Loss” is unacceptable at Tank Storage Verbeke. We rather convert it to “profit “or “additional benefits”. That is why some of the heated tanks feature systems that use the heat from inside the tank to heat water. This heated water is used again elsewhere at our facility.

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