Dec 19

Innovation makes the difference

In order to distinguish themselves in the current economic climate, entrepreneurs have to innovate.

Smart innovations have been proven to advance the tank storage industry.

One such innovation is the new automatic filling station that will soon be used at our terminal in Hemiksem. Tank Storage Verbeke is currently busy building six new tanks to accommodate the demand of its clients. Those tanks will soon put together an additional 9,000m3 storage capacity.

The new automatic filling station will allow two trucks to be loaded simultaneously. The new station reduces the risk of human error or problems, enabling the filling process to be quicker and smoother.

Apart from improved filling stations, new innovations can also contribute to the cleaning and monitoring of the tanks. These innovations will allow faster, safer and cheaper tank storage facilities.

In an industry that is extensively regulated, saving costs can help entrepreneurs to quickly gain advantage over their competition. Better rates can always catch the eye immediately. Yet this should be the main advantage when working with liquids that can have a significant impact on the well-being of humans and the environment.

Investments made by Tank Storage Verbeke therefore are always focusing on improving the facilities and processes. They are also aiming to increasing services.

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