Our Mission and Strategy

Paying attention to improving the generation of tomorrow

Tank storage Verbeke – Antwerp

We date back to the 1875, when Joseph Verbeke started with the journey of storage tanks. We now stand out in the field of petrochemical, chemicals and lubricants etc. However, our great efforts in the history have made us the best storage tank terminal in the industry. Working with our values of integrity, unity and agility, we mark excellence.

Your flexibility is our concern!

Our Mission

We work with petrochemical, biodiesels, gases and edible oils etc. These lubricants are injurious for health and that is why we stress on health and safety. Thus, our mission marks to provide safe and clean tank storage to our customers.
By achieving our mission, we are able to stand out and face our customers, stakeholders, investors and business partners. Our aim is to stay in the strong links of our customers so that they can rely on us at all times.
Our success is heavily based on innovation of something new that comes with the latest technology and fulfills the latest demands as well. This is why every chemical company can rely on us for their storage tank needs-we bring in 96 various sizes for them!

Our Strategy

We have three basic pillars of our strategy:

– Growth Leadership
– Operational Leadership
– Customer Leadership

Our strategy is to bring growth in our chemical company and also enhance our performance per day. By doing this, we are able to become the leaders in our customer’s preference list and they rely on us heavily!
We feel pride in announcing that Storage Tank Verbeke is the leading tank terminal in petrochemical and lubricants industry. We work with unity to achieve our mission and strategies, so that the outcome is satisfactory.


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Storage & Transport

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Value added services

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