Dec 23

Prevention is more important than cure

When one is responsible on someone else’s products, the safety and well-being of that product always comes first especially when it concerns products for the petrochemical industry. What does that mean for a storage company?

A tank storage facility has millions litres of liquids flowing through its facility annually. To ensure the safety of the products, employees and immediate surroundings in a tank storage company continuously monitors the product, the facilities and the environment.

Tank Storage Verbeke does this proactively.

Sensors and gauges continuously monitor the situation. The data from these sensors and gauges is coupled with knowledge gained from other sources. That may be a meteorological institute, the Safety Data Sheet from the supplier, experiences of other companies or industry bodies or knowledge gained by the safety authorities and (local or regional) governments.

By continuous monitoring and comparing the data Tank Storage Verbeke is able take action timeously.

Point of departure is to ensure that action can be taken before the situation can become critically. We believe that ‘prevention is better than cure’ when it comes to safety or the environment.

By putting the safety of people and the environment first in our operations, we are able to assist our clients in achieving their goals.

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