Apr 06

Special parking space for trucks

Tank Storage Verbeke  has, together with other companies in Hemiksem, arranged a special parking space for trucks. At Tank Storage Verbeke we load and unload trucks usually between 08:00 and 15:00. Trucks having to wait a long time can do so quietly and comfortably at this special parking space for trucks.

The special parking space for trucks is just a few hundred meters away from the complex of Tank Storage Verbeke. The parking lot is spacious and is sheltered. The authorities of Hemiksem patrol the area regularly to ensure the safety of the drivers and their cargo.

Trucks arriving at our terminal outside our usual loading and off-loading window receive a special leaflet  that points them to the location of the special parking space for trucks. The leaflet also contains useful and practical information to make their stay as enjoyable, pleasant and comfortable as possible. It also includes so basic rules they will be requested to adhere too plus they can find the location of a few useful shops.

The special parking area for trucks is an initiative of the joint entrepreneurs of Hemiksem. It is intended as a practical solution to further relieve the population of Hemiksem and the traffic congestion they experience as well as improve the safety of our premises. The leaflet is printed in four languages. This to ensure everybody can read it.

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