Jan 05

Tank storage Verbeke has everything under one roof

Apart from having one of the most modern tank storage facilities for oil trade or chemical industry in Western Europe, we also provide complementing services. The drumming activities that Tank Storage Verbeke provides are a good example.

Our drumming service is aimed at customers who want to distribute liquids in small quantities. Tank Storage Verbeke has all the facilities to safely fill and store drums of different sizes. All necessary customs and excise documents are available on-site, allowing filled drums to be taken and moved quickly.

The drums are filled by means of closed nitrogen system. This ensures that the process runs safely and smoothly. Filled drums can, depending on the wishes of the customer, be loaded directly onto the trucks or kept in the container. If the customer wishes so, the drums may also be temporarily stored in one of the warehouses on our premises. These warehouses are furnished and equipped with all necessary equipment to keep the contents of the drums in optimum condition.

The drumming service of Tank storage Verbeke does not only allow the storage of liquids for the chemical and petrochemical industry, but also contributes to improving the processes and activities of its customers.

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