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Improved road safety thanks to Tank Storage Verbeke

More than one year ago Tank Storage Verbeke decided to expand its rail operations. A new contract was the catalyst for significant investments in the rail terminal. Thanks to this expansion Tank Storage Verbeke has managed to remove almost 2,000 trucks off the road last year.

Instead of transporting the liquids by truck to Tank Storage Verbeke, this customer chose to do so by train. That is faster and safer. Thanks to that decision train wagons have replaced the daily arrival of trucks at the facility of Tank Storage Verbeke. As the train wagons travel through an urban area during the last stretch of their leg, Tank Storage Verbeke decided to invest in a locomotive with rubber tires. This reduces the noise and inconvenience. To accommodate residents even further, trains are only shifted during the day.

The shift from trucks to rail has had a positive effect for the entire area. Thanks to this decision, there are now around 170 fewer trucks on the busy roads around Hemiksem every month. This not only benefits the road safety and the environment of Hemiksem but also the safety and environmental friendliness of areas beyond our geographical area.

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