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Tank Storage Verbeke welcomes Jan Plezier and their Flandria Tour

Tank Storage Verbeke is pleased to hear that the Jan Plezier family business intends to re-establish the cruise service Flandria.

Tank Storage Verbeke is itself a family owned business. Atnwerps leading tank storage facility for liquids for the petro- chemical industry is currently lead by the sixth generation of the Verbeke family. After the Second World War, Tank Storage Verbeke became a cornerstone for the reconstruction of the Port of Antwerp. The fact that another family-owned business will so re-establish the all-important cruise service please Tank Storage Verbeke.

Tank Storage Verbeke welcomes Jan Plezier and their Flandria Tour. The tour initially came to an end in November last year however René and Nils Verbeeck intend to give it a new lease of life. It is their intention to show the port of Antwerp in all its splendor and glory to their passengers. The port of Antwerp has a lot to offer. The port is over 100 years old and is the second largest port in Europe, after the Port of Rotterdam. The entire port footprint measures 13,500 hectares. Jan Plezier intends to give their passengers an iPad so they get all the necessary information during the cruise. Tank Storage Verbeke will be happy to cooperate.

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