Mar 23

New storage tanks are slowly becoming reality

The expansion of our tank farm in Hemiksem is going according to plan. The new storage tanks are slowly becoming reality. Tankopslag Verbeke anticipates that we can start using the new tanks from late September this year.

The foundation for the new storage tanks for Tankopslag Verbeke were laid in June 2016. Since then, work has progressed steadily. Due to the relatively short winter hardly any delays have been experienced. As a result, the activities are currently two weeks ahead of schedule.

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The latest development is that the contractor has started painting the first tank. Like all other tanks at the tank farm of Tankopslag Verbeke, the new tanks will be painted completely white. The color will protect the content of the tank from temperature changes. The white color will also give us a better idea of the cleanliness of our property.

A clean site is important for Tankslag Verbeke. The cleaner our tank farm, the better the quality of our service.
The five new tanks will bring the number of tanks Tankopslag Verbeke offers to more than 100. We will soon store almost 110.000m3 various fluids at the site of Tankopslag Verbeke in Hemiksem. All our operations meet the highest requirements regarding the safety of personnel, the environment and of those living around our facility.

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