Mar 16

Tank Storage Verbeke applauds the low emission zone

The Antwerp Port Authority will launch a campaign later this year to determine whether the city’s low emission zone can be extended to the port area. In our opinion this should be done immediately: Tank Storage Verbeke applauds the low emission zone.

On February 1, 2017 the city of Antwerp introduced a low-emission zone for the CBD. Polluting verhicles are no longer allowed to enter the CBD of Antwerp, unless they pay an additional fee. In this way the municipality wants to reduce the emission of particulates and soot. Antwerp aims for having the presence of these particulates reduced by several tens of percent.

The Antwerp Port Authority has now decided that will examine the possibility to expand the low emission zone to the port area too. Restrictions would only apply for vehicles.

According to Annik Dirkx, spokeswoman for the Port Authority, a greening campaign will be launched in November. The emphasis will be on the voluntarily greening of the fleet.

Tank Storage Verbeke applauds the low emission zone. Although our activities are outside the Antwerp port sphere, Tank Storage Verbeke is committed to environmentally-friendly business practices. There are also dozens of trucks that visit our terminal daily. To process them quickly and safely Tank Storage Verbeke installed an automated access system earlier this year. Every other step which can increase the environmental friendliness of the truck or shorten their presence will be welcomed by Tank Storage Verbeke.

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