Jan 04

Investment in new speed gate will accelerate the processing of trucks

Once the holidays have gone by, preparations will start for the installation of a new speed gate at the facility of Tank Storage Verbeke. The new, automated access system will allow trucks to be loaded more quickly and increase the safety and service we provide at our facility.

Once completed trucks reporting to fill or offload liquid at our tank storage facility can do so via a touch screen at the gate. Two touch screens with cameras and intercoms will be installed at different heights to accommodate drivers of both small delivery vans and large trucks. They will be able to report themselves from the comfort of their cabin. As the data of the truck and its contents have all been captured in our automated system the only thing the truck will have to do is to drive to the filling spot.

The vehicle will be weighed automatically and, once filling has been completed, the driver will receive all the necessary documents.

Apart from the speed gate for trucks a new pedestrian access will also be installed.

By making this investment, Tank Storage Verbeke increases the security of its facility. It also improves the processes and administration. It is expected that the complete installation will be completed by the end of January.

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